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Assuming most of your shoes aren’t furry

I could find a place for these in my fits. Not quite as charismatic as the Primurys we checked earlier this week, but they still offer a noteworthy presence. I mean, unless I’m taking the temperature of my readership wrongly, I’m assuming most of your shoes aren’t furry.

These are from Yves Salomon Homme. Not a brand that crops up on here too often, it’s very much part  of the Matches, Neiman Marcus and FarFetch school of designer flouncery. And yet, I think these make sense. I can see them working with raw denim hems – a vaguely tufty full stop below a significant parka and a countenance of quizzical irritation.

I suppose the soles look a little on the thin side. I’m certain they’re not an every-day sneaker, more suited to light-rotation; getting out of an Uber, going into a bar, back into an Uber type activities, once every three weeks say. And, looking at it from that perspective, at 300 odd quid, they arguably don’t offer much value per wear. But since when has this site been an oracle of good fiscal sense?

Looking past the Yves Salomon Homme branding, which for some doubtless means something, but to this homme means little, these are a strong Saturday night sneaker. Yes I know, dressing up to go out as such, is frowned upon, but come on, we all do it a bit. The key with sneakers is to look like you haven’t tried. While conversely (or indeed Conversely) trying and trying until your precarious sense of self-worth is supported only by the buying of unnecessary shit.

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