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Worn as effectively on the sleeve as in the heart

Look at this image. This is what a man should be about right now. Beige. Unthreatening. Too much corduroy. Tied up like a creased envelope.

As the evident beastliness of so many prominent males in our current news feed illustrates, some blokes can be bad. Intollerably shit. But that’s some blokes mind. So in my own meager and frankly superficial way, I propose, morality, honestly, sweetness and just downright decency can be worn as effectively on the sleeve as in the heart. If that results in a look that sits halfway between fast asleep and an experimental 1960s poetry-disco, then so be it.

The central component of this look is the Army Wrap Chore Coat by the brand Old Joe and available over at Nifty Do. Certainly a piece to polarise opinion, in that it’s basically a dressing gown. But a dressing gown you’re supposed to wear outdoors.

Having already dabbled in this ‘snoozewear during the day’ concept, I can report that once you get used to the dangling belt and the pendulous amounts of fabric sweeping about the place, you start to feel pretty liberated. The cavernous pockets and easy shrug on and off nature of such pieces prove downright practical. Yes you might have to field the odd ‘Playboy mansion’ reference, but if you are seriously considering a garment such as this, you already know whether you can handle such waggery.

Notice that there’s thick wool-cotton blend fabric at play here, so perhaps contrary to initial perceptions, this is hardly insubstantial. Hand washing has been used to bring about its distinctive hue, while the sleeves are lined with soft cupra for comfort. Team it with giant cords and a roll-neck, like our chappy at the top there, and you’ll… well, not only look just like him, you’ll also send out signals that you’re a gentleman of fine manners, appropriateness and regard. Just make sure you also actually are.

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