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At price Y it starts to make sense

Let’s have some more sale shenanigans. There are certain pieces that over the course of a season begin to grow on you. Maybe you overlooked them on initial release, maybe you were distracted by more edgy, game-changing pieces. But when the sale kicks in it’s easy to begin a process of re-evaluation. At price X it’s a frivolity, but at price Y it starts to make sense.

This  Pertex t-shirt by And Wander is a perfect example. A non-essential at it’s orginal price. But after the swing ticket’s been savagely snipped, well… things start to feel a bit different.

I’ll cut to the chase. Over at Alpha Shadows this was £195, now it’s £117. They have a full size range. Thing is, if you look over at Kafka, they’ve got the same tee for £135; again formally £195, again full size range. I should point out that Kafka does offer existing customers a ‘Patron’ pre-discount code via email, which offers the chance to enjoy further discounts before they’re available on site. But, as it currently stands, Alpha Shadows are cheapest.

It could be suggested that the only person that needs a tech fabric t-shirt is a sinewy triathlete with a muscular forehead. But I think this tee would still work for the latte layabout crew. Sure, it’s all, “Microlight ripstop nylon fabric” and lightweight and water repellent and wind proof, but I think it’d bang quite nicely beneath a casual blazer. You know, exploring the dynamic between slouchy and futuristic and all that jazz. Anyway… You can grab it in green, or an eye-blasting orange. Genuinely I’m astonished all the sizes are still available. I think it’s a decent piece.

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