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Sunnei delight

Italian brand Sunnei leans further towards fashion than many of the brands we usually spotlight. They don’t use vintage looms, or reproduce 1940s railroad boiler-suits in high-density, low-sheen nylon; you’re not going to find Sunnei in The Bureau or Kafka. But in amongst the brand’s more outré experiments there are rich seams of wearable, timeless and interesting clothing. Specifically the super-powered shirting.

This summer Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo, the designers behind the label have basically gone berserk with stripes and pockets. I’m jamming a bunch of different styles into this post because, frankly, I can’t pick a favourite from this bunch. But there are two unifying factors common to them all. Firstly, as I say, they’re either deckchair striped or feature unorthodox pocket placement. And secondly they’re in the sale. Sunnei is not a cheap brand, but, with discount, these examples come in around €200. (Yeah, I know hardly a steal, but come on, this is some pretty radical shirtwear.)

Look at this thing above. It’s fairly plain grey shirt. But add a white, button-on pouch and all of a sudden you’re a sartorial Cyberman, a fucking abstract artwork, just standing there holding your Stella and mixed nuts.

And what the shit is this?  Concealed buttons and velcro-ed on pouch; just there, sort of floating, like you’re an embarrassingly basic magician.

And the fat stripes on this, switching from vertical, to horizontal mode around the hem. Stick this on and you may as well seduce yourself.

And this one, and that one –  stripes and pockets, pockets and stripes. I can’t believe I’ve slept on these heaters all season.

I’ve got to steal a medium-sized bag of Euros from somewhere. I must own one, if not two of these. They’ll be ideal for shirt-jacketing to forthcoming social occasions. As far as I’m concerned, any one of these shirts would turn you from just another number at a summer barbecue into a breathtaking shitstorm of visual poetry and aggressive sexual availability. Which for 200 sounds like value.

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