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I’m thinking what I’ll say…

The avid e-shopper can feel it – almost physical, almost tangible. The sales are on, but the most significant discounts are yet to materialise. Many retailers are holding at 25% off. Sales stalkers are holding their nerve, waiting, refreshing, hoping their size will survive to the 40% round. Of course, there are anomalies. West London’s Garbstore went to sale pretty early and in some cases pretty hard. This top from Mountain Research for example, was £220, now it’s £110. A quick consultation with the abacus confirms that that’s a full 50% saving.

As someone with a wardrobe almost entirely full of navy separates, I rarely trouble black. But for some reasons I’m feeling this. I think it’s because, as a piece, it straddles the worlds of youthful streetwear (meaning stuff with writing on it) and the crumpled formality of independent dandyism (your EGs, Monitalys, Nanamicas and so forth). For me, stuff with writing on it is typically a no-no. But here, it vaguely appeals. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s embroidered. Perhaps it’s because it’s meaningless nonsense (saunter biker?).

I can see this working with one of my resent purchases, a pair of Studio Nicholson Blake pants in khaki. I managed to grab them last week (at 30% off). They’re a big trouser, a lot of extraneous fabric; but, you know, brilliant for it. So I’m thinking… my giant Blake trousers, this top, half unzipped, with a white tee beneath. I’m thinking sunglasses. I’m thinking standing in the corner of the beer garden pretending to be a poet. I’m also thinking what I’ll say when I’m asked what the stupid writing on my top means.

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