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Not everyone can pull this off

The hum of flies in the kitchen. The tropical flare of the sun. The air, swollen and stubborn. British summertime: a giddy utopia for some, a torment of perspiration and wheezy exhaustion for others. Whichever camp you’re in, dressing stylishly in ravaging heat is no simple task.

Typically our indigenous menfolk are panicked by a roasting day. A confusion that leads to a nauseating bargain bin of faded tees and skin-tight shorts. Footwear is typically threadbare Toms or pointy suede loafers. Mandatory accessories include ashen limbs, an angry crimson forehead and 15 tins of Fosters. Not everyone can pull this off mind you, only around 98% of the male population.

If you’re part of the 2%, you might want to consider instead ordering this expensive, Japanese short-sleeved bandana shirt.

Inhabiting a similar stylistic avenue as Kapital’s recent bandana shirts, this piece from Tigre Brocante is rarer on these shores and arguably more punchy. While Kapital opted for single colour mash-ups, this beast goes all in with a dramatic clash of royal blue, lime, cyan, black and purple. You’ll get a different colour mix depending on your size choice; if you’re interested get a move on as there’s only small and medium left.

There’s a retro feel here; unsurprising as Tigre Brocante are one of the many Japanese brands to find regular inspiration in the dusty traditions of the past. But you can reasonably expect the unenlightened to dismiss this as a rarefied thrift-store find. Those who get the brand (of whom there are scant few in the UK) will recognise the quality and get a kick out of the kaleidoscopic, ugly-beauty at play.

Wear with baggy knee-length shorts, a pair of white Malibus and a scalding sense of superiority.

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