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This and Wander fleece brings the déjà vu

Is it fleece time already? Is time moving faster, or does this top from and Wander just look like least season’s tops from and Wander? I’m not sure. Wasn’t last winter’s menswear all about burnt oranges, chestnuts and Peruvian browns? Or is that just every winter? Am I stuck in a really specific temporal loop? Doomed to encounter the same piece of Japanese casual wear over and over and over…

In truth I suspect this fleece is different to last season’s. While it’s sort of brown, it’s also yellow. Retailer Coverchord call it yellow. Looks more like curry to me. Presumably some colour forecasting house has mandated that we all dress like Punjabi Kadhi and so here we are.

Obviously you’ll also look like a soft toy. The furriness, the brown (yellowy) ness; you can expect the office ‘wit’ to trot out the Paddington references. But, you know, fuck ‘em. You’ll be a cuddlesome ball of POLARTEC and reflective stitching detail. He’ll still be a cunt shivering in his Ted Baker button-down.

Currently I can’t find this particular specimen retailed on these shores, which seems like a buying oversight to me. Perhaps it’ll shortly crop up at The Bureau. I hope so. Dressed up – shoes not sneakers, trousers not jeans – it’ll come into its own. Weirdly techy, but approachable. Oddly pocketed, practical and furry to the touch. People will be lining up to rub you. Which, depending on your disposition, might be worth the price alone.

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