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I don’t want it to change

First it was Shoreditch. Then Brixton. Now it’s Peckham. Gentrification makes many local people very angry. I live in Peckham and it makes me angry too. I feel like Peckham, right now, at this exact moment, has exactly the right ratio of artisinal coffee shops to pound shops. The perfect balance of graffiti to yoga classes. I don’t want it to change. I’m certainly not contributing to the gentrification of the place. I mean, look at me, I’m wearing beads.

I admit, I do like a nice latte. But, as a matter of principle, I don’t buy the expensive loaves of sourdough bread the cafe’s also sell. At least not frequently.

On occasion I have bought a cactus from an independent shop. The cactus was more expensive than B&Q ones. But it’s probably a cool special cactus. I didn’t read the label. Besides, the way I see it, I’m giving back to the community.

A Scandinavian design shop has opened two doors down from the kebaby. I think this is okay. Until now there hasn’t been anywhere for the large local population of Jamaican hairdressers to buy Nordic minimalism.

I have noticed at the weekends Peckham is starting to fill up with the wrong sort. The driving shoe and mini skirt brigade. This is not cool. It’s getting more and more difficult to get a cocktail in Peckham Springs. And let’s face it, these people are not as authentic as me. I’ve lived in Peckham almost five years. I love Peckham exactly the way it is.

That said, a Simply Food would be nice. You know, just a small one. The Asda’s fucking horrible.

Vest: Setto
Trousers: Eastlogue
Shoes: Malibu Sandals
Sunglasses: Max Pittion
Bag: And Wander
Necklace: Mikia
Belt: Maple


  1. AmericanIdle

    Is that a crepe sole on the “huaraches”?
    Also why socks?

    • Yeah they are. I got them from Kafka, they are a bit low on sizes now, but you might get lucky – Socks? Hah… well I’m not really that into sandals and I tend to think they look pretty smart with socks, in a kind of mixing-formality-with-casuality way. I appreciate it’s not for everyone. Thanks for the comment, hope you enjoy the site.

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