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I don’t want it to change

First it was Shoreditch. Then Brixton. Now it’s Peckham. Gentrification makes many local people very angry. I live in Peckham and it makes me angry too. I feel like Peckham, right now, at this exact moment, has exactly the right ratio of artisinal coffee shops… Read More

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Why Denise?

“DENISE“, he shouted. Then silence. Then, with a whisper, “Denise.” When he shouted, he crunched up his face as though wracked with torment, he held his fists aloft and glared to the clouds. When he whispered, he sank back, shoulders slumped, as though vanquished by… Read More

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I want to be somewhere else

The wind tugs at the clouds, heaving them, seemingly inch by inch. Sunlight is screened, then it’s not, then it is, then it’s not… Clouds are hauled, warmth interupted. The sky drags on. An eternal conveyance. The sun, a sushi dish that never quite arrives.… Read More