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I gain empowerment through sharing my sensuality

The headline statement? It’s a quote from a female model, slash musician, slash artist, whose name I forget. I read it in an interview a week ago. As a model, slash musician, slash artist worthy of being interviewed, I took her statement to heart. I was inspired. I wanted to gain empowerment. I was in Devon at the time, so I visited the seaside town of Bigbury-on-Sea to share my sensuality. My medium, as regular readers will know, is obscure imported menswear.

It’s difficult to report how many holiday makers picked up on the sensuality I was throwing down. I removed my Max Pittion spectacles and placed them gently on a wooden table. I let my Marni x Porter necklace pouch hang low and allowed the breeze to massage it into a soft swing. I sipped my takeaway coffee provocatively. I sighed theatrically out to sea.

Mostly the locals seemed more concerned with burning their big backs and inhaling chips. Bit of a fail really. Seems there’s more to this sharing your sensuality business than you’d think.

Trousers: Naissance
Shoes: Primury
Sunglasses: Max Pittion
Bag: Marni x Porter
Necklace: Mikia
Belt: Maple
Blazer: Engineered Garments

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