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Rebuild by Needles: Obviously it’s insane. Obviously it’s brilliant.

All killer, plus filler. What’s practicality got to do with anything anyway? If it rains at least some of you won’t get soaked.

This is a new offering from Rebuild by Needles (if you’re following the Nepenthes family on the IG you’ll have already clocked this.)

Obviously it’s insane. Obviously it’s brilliant. Artfully impractical. Utterly essential. I haven’t been this impressed by a Nepenthes release for some time.

There are really only two things to note here:

A) Some of it looks water resistant.

B) At least part of it is a blazer.

It’s precisely 50% suitable for getting caught in a downpour, and 50% suitable for going to dinner with your girlfriend’s parents. It does neither job well, or depending on your outlook, does each job well enough. I’m in the latter camp. I’d be happy to wear this jacket, even if it meant getting half saturated or half upsetting prospective in-laws.

I’m not convinced there’s any pretentiousness behind designer Keizo Shimizu’s work on this  — I don’t think it’s trying to say anything. It’s just a fight between a tweed blazer and a sleeping bag. And if a designer can’t simply stick two things together that shouldn’t go and offer it for sale at a hefty margin then what is the world coming to?

I’d expect this piece to crop up on the Japanese Nepenthes site fairly soon. I’d be surprised if it made its way to the London outlet. At least it gives any prospective buyer time to figure out when they’d wear it.

My best guess is exactly this time of year (not too cold, not raining) in a pub garden (with awnings and heaters) drinking a VAT, chaining the Golds, while glancing with mild derision at anyone not wearing a Prince Charles tweed with a large nylon nappy hanging off it.

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  1. Craig

    I got to check this one out in person at Nepenthes NY last weekend. Both fabrics are thinner than you might expect, based on the photos. Also, it’s $612.

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