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More detail on new Nepenthes brand AiE

Writing a few days back about the new Nepenthes brand AiE I wasn’t exactly overloaded with information – some loud shirting, some tartan and the understanding that the range originates from the US arm of the brand, rather than the Japanese. Anyway, that was then. Thanks to the hasty acquisition of the latest The New Order magazine and the emergence of a new digital lookbook, the picture is somewhat clearer.

The lead designer on the AiE line is Kenta Miyamoto; the concept originated from conversations between Miyamoto and Engineered Garments boss Daiki Suzuki. The theme of the collection is a mash up of Britishness, punk and skate culture, with Miyamoto’s love of Britpop bands, hip-hop culture and Westwood and McLaren heavily referenced.

AiE is manufactured in the garment district in NYC, alongside EG and RANDT, and the first collection has relied on domestically sourced fabrics. Currently the collection is only available from Nepenthes direct, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see pieces crop up at The Bureau or maybe Haven at some point in the near future.

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