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Not ready for these levels

Here’s one for the heads. Silently and with zero fanfare a new brand has appeared under the Nepenthes umbrella. Called AiE, these are the first product shots. Hardly a full range at this point; we can see some colour clash shirting and some tartan tunics. But what’s AiE? Where’s it come from? And what’s it all about?

I wish I had all the answers. An extremely reliable source tells me that it’s produced by the US arm of the business. So like Rough & Tumble, we have to assume its a project of Engineered Garments mastermind Daiki Suzuki. Looking at the images we can assume it’s playful, I mean look at those shirts… Far from po-faced, cheek-sucking farshon, this is positively clownish. It’s taken the Rough & Tumble playbook and scribbled on it with Crayola.

And the tartan brights? Sorry Daiki, that’s a level of steez I’m just not ready for.

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