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Little more than farce

On retailer Union’s site I read recently (in between the “FUcking DoPe!“s and “FucK yEAh!“s) that it would be the last season of Ganryu. Not, the implication being, the last season the store was carrying the label, but rather the last season of Ganryu period. Something of a shame that. I rather enjoy looking at, if not buying, Fumito Ganryu’s Comme des Garçons line. For the man looking to spend a fortune on t-shirts featuring entirely unnecessary and impractical pocketing there are few brands better.

Assuming Union is correct, this may well be your last opportunity to grab distinctive pieces like this. Sure, a pair of hand warmer pockets on a t-shirt might seem at best superfluous and at worst counterproductive, but this is about how it looks, little more. To my eyes, it looks quirky and interesting. To less aesthetically motivated types I concede it may appear little more than farce.

If you’re one of the one people reading this who feels £265 is an appropriate outlay for such a garment then you’re in business. This style is over at End. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they still boast a full size range.

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