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Tridents and big nets with little skulls sewn round the edge

Perhaps, at some point in the future, when the seas have swallowed the land, humans will go to war in garments like this. Part military jacket, part dressing gown, it’d be ideal to slip on after an aquatic skirmish with tridents and big nets with little skulls sewn round the edge. I guess I’m rather assuming the US’s insane new environmental policy will shortly result in a planet somewhere between Mad Max and Waterworld. It would appear LA brand Long Journey are too.

Just like so many of the brands featured here, Long Journey cite, “urban workwear, military uniforms, vintage Americana and sportswear” as influences. A familiar mix no question, however this “Utility Shirt” also suggests a progressive mindset. It’s a seriously bold piece. Ice white, seemingly constructed from towelling and featuring a brace of cotton flap pockets; one can safely assume a dude would get noticed in this.

There’s also the issue of that weird pocket cover too. Done up it extends the towelling and partially conceals one of the pockets, undone it just sort of hangs there, flapping. Like a white flag of surrender.

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