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Three next-level grey sweatshirts

A basic grey sweatshirt is an essential, no doubt. But once you’ve got a top-end example in your arsenal (from The Real McCoy’s say) or worse, your mates are all rocking them, where do you go next?

I tend to find ‘next level shit’ is usually a good destination on such occasions, so here are three interesting grey sweatshirts that will elevate your casual wear game, and in turn irritate your more conservatively styled peer group. Result.


Interesting grey sweatshirt #1
Damage: £55.83 (Plus postage and duty from Japan)

Operating beneath the Nepenthes umbrella, South2West8 produce a bunch of fishing and outdoorsy stuff. You can pretty much only get the bags in the UK, the clothes haven’t made it over. So at this price, it seems foolish not to grab one or both the styles available (above and page header pic). One features a skeleton on a bike and the other offers The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia off fishing  – I’m not sure why, but I need to be part of this lifestyle.



Interesting grey sweatshirt #2
Label: John Elliott
Damage: £165.40 (Plus postage and duty from USA)

Bit fashiony, but I kind of like the utilitarian looking patches on this thing. It’s got a Buck Rogers’ gym kit vibe going on. And by that I obviously don’t mean the comics from 1928. I mean the definitive Buck Rogers in the 25th Century TV show from 1981. Which I’m sure you are all just as passionate about as me. Anyway, decent sweatshirt.


Interesting grey sweatshirt #3
Label: Nanamica x Champion
Damage: £98.03 (Plus postage and duty from Japan)

So Champion is enjoying a streetwear resurgence. But that’s not why I picked this. The thing I dislike most about this is the Champion logo. What I like most is that it’s a Nanamica colab. If you want difficult to get hold of rarities, get involved in this, it’s certainly a Japan only product. Your mates will never have this. Which is really the only point.

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