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I’ve got a pair of Sassafras trousers, but in many ways, indeed all the ways, I’d go another pair. If you’re the kind of bro that has no interest in gardening whatsoever, but inexplicably wants a pair of trousers from a Japanese brand that specialises in gardening inspired garments, there are few better choices. I am such a man. Gardening… I mean seriously, what the fuck is that? The closest I’ve come to feeling a tool in the pocket of mine is… frankly a joke that’s beneath me.

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The best thing about these are the sticky-outy-pockety-thingies, which for those of you unfamiliar with formal tailoring jargon, means pockets that sort of stick out a bit. I’m not sure why this is the best thing. Probably because they look odd. But not odd enough for people to spit their smoothie out as you walk by.

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Grab ’em over at End if the mood takes you. Just a word of warning. You may find the heavy cotton canvas a bit warm in the summer. Although, I mean, you might not. It probably depends on your position in relation to the sun at any given time and your personal tolerance for heat.


  1. Mr Brown

    The End’s confidence in their sticky outre pockets seems to know no start.
    ‘Get thee orSlow jacket, aye chore, tha one that’ll cover this carrying on reet up’

    (As I believe it may have been pronounced)

  2. P Long

    Where did your buy these? I think I want a pair for gardening…

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