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999 redirects

There’s a vague sense of emergency to these new shorts from Sassafras. Can you have a vague sense of emergency? Either way, it’s doubtless the screaming orange panels. There’s something firemany going on. Or, keeping in mind the horticultural leanings of the brand, perhaps a hitherto uncelebrated emergency service – Garden Rescue. To leap into action during cases of excessive moss or compost mismanagement.

As with most Sassafras pieces, there’s a lot pocket business going on – front patch, rear welt and press-stud fastened in the seam. It’s this pouchery that gets the satsuma treatment, the body of the shorts comes in a more subdued, beige cord. It’s called a “summer corduroy” over at Reggie Shop. Although my experience of cord in the summer typically involves struggling to look relaxed and urbane on the outside, while secretly my entire body is steaming like a salmon steak. Presumably “summer corduroy” is lightweight. Not sure I fancy it myself.

Still, if you are looking for an unusual short, thems be these. At £160 it’s a lump. And there’s always the chance they’re a bit too complicated to fully relax in. But you almost certainly won’t see anyone else in these. Just be ready for the 999 redirects concerning climbing hydrangeas.

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