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Keep the Limoncello on lock

Looking to bring some Talented Mr. Ripley era Jude Law to your warm weather fits? Sip an aperitivo, cross your legs, flash some tanned ankle and simultaneously impregnate all the women in a ten foot radius. Boom, you’re the lord of summertime. You just need a pair of these; wide silhouette, pleated, deep rise trousers. Just remember to never stand up. They’re 100% linen. You’ll look like an anxious crisp packet.

That’s the problemo with linen. It’s airy and cool to wear, but just a couple of hours of sitting in a car, riding a bus, or indeed, people watching on Bagno Antonio and your pants will carry a topographical record of every fidget, fiddle and twitch. The truly louche can carry it off. Managing to concurrently appear disastrously unkept and impossibly rakish. Deep tans and luxury watches don’t hurt. The more pallid Seiko wearer might have a harder time of it.

These trousers are by Haversack by the way, they’ve just dropped at Strato, and are available in the pictured pale blue and dark navy. The stringy belt is a nice touch – see how it has its own mini belt loops. You have to wonder though, how comfortable a tight bit of string is going to feel biting into a more traditional, Stella fortified waistline? Probably best to keep the Limoncello on lock.

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