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Histrionic, bewildering and mildly upsetting

Occasionally a garment comes along which lampoons your sense of what a garment should be. Whittling your brain into a question mark, cleaving away rational thought and hosing it through a drain in the abattoir floor. This is such a garment. Histrionic, bewildering and mildly upsetting, this Kapital parka manages to capture the aesthetic appeal of a girl guide troupe frying in an asbestos fire.

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There’s a great deal going on here. Principally it’s is a concoction of Kaptial’s proprietary distressed Century Denim and 60/40 fabric (the latter dating back to 1968 and standing as a weather resistant precursor to modern technical fabrics such as Gore-tex and Polartec Fleece) although that’s just the baseline. On board you’ll also find a zip front with press stud storm flap, a huge hood, a drawcord hem and velcro cuff detail, a pair of large zip-up pockets and masses of boro detail. And that’s before you examine the badges.

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The assortment of vintage american scout badges is clearly the big draw here. Weathered, lived with and (presumably at some point) earned, these fragments of other people’s lives form a delicious, intriguing mosaic. Fonts, colours and design approaches clash, yet en masse it all makes sense. There’s a brutal beauty to this piece. A challenging wear no doubt. But it’s a wonderful relic, just waiting for you to add your own personal history.

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