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Limited only by your level of concern about such things

Coming off like a mash-up of vintage FILA and Thom Browne’s preppier sensibilities, this tracktop by Japanese brand Itten appears pretty standard at first glance. Then you realise you can unzip the sleeves. Unzip them right off.

The potential for this flexibility in fastening is limited only by your imagination and general level of concern about such things. You might, for instance, want to ratchet up the back now and again for a little more aeration. But fully taking the sleeves off… since when was sleeveless a good look?



Itten have a solution and conveniently it involves buying more than one. You can, “combine it with the same item of different color or size” they say. So presumably you could go for a short body and jumbo arms. Or as they illustrate below, a white body and navy sleeves.


At 122 quid per garment, I can’t imagine there’ll be that many takers. But it is a strong piece nevertheless. I’d wear it with the zips with the zips knocked up about a third of the way. Just enough to demonstrate the versatility of the garment, without going full power shake gym nancy.

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