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Rare and opulent lifestyle

More well known for their natural leather interpretations of iconic sneaker designs, Japanese cobbler Hender Scheme are also behind these notable lace ups. Typically with this imprint you’ll need significant dollar bills to join the party, but even the frail of wallet can appreciate the coalition of complementary fabrics at play and the fact that you’d look like a fucking magician of luxe striding into a Costa in these.


I’m not saying Costa is a place to catwalk your bad self per ce, it’s just that as rare and opulent as these shoes look over on Union (or Mr Porter should you prefer them in black) if you buy them, you’ll make them real. Which means queuing to have your brie and bacon grilled, trudging to the corner shop for butter and bog roll and watching some rugby-shirted clot tread on them as he juggles a fistful of sambuca.


Assuming you’re good with that, expect to drop between £550 and £600 on these. I love the pinking sheared detail. I just wonder how long they’d look that good after a couple of weeks of my completely un-rare and non-opulent lifestyle?

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