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Things aren’t what they are

Embracing the apparent global swing towards anti-elitism, the rejection of experts and post-truth, I offer this formal take on traditional office wear. It’s ideal for job interviews, handling business mergers and court appearances; pretty much any any occasion that demands a mature level of staid sartorial courtesy.

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It’s conceivable that looking at this pull-on smock from OTHER/Shop, you might disagree. Rather than the classically conventional, you might see something more folksy; an Alaskan fisherman via Helmut Lang say, pendulous of sleeve and yawning of neckline. Of course you’d be wrong. Don’t be such a leftwing bookworm. Things aren’t what they are. They can be what we say they are. Or not. Because we can change our minds too.

other-hanger-27-09-16-037-copy other-hanger-27-09-16-038-copy

Got a formal occasion coming up? Head over to OTHER/Shop, it’s £179, which is a lot cheaper than Hardy Amies. It’s ideal for funerals too. Like the cremation of human truth.

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