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Needles SS17 lookbook

Like a chemsex cockderby between an LA gigolo and a dead granny’s closet, Needles SS17 is everything you don’t want but everything you should. Progressive stylistic slapdashery is the brand’s signature and if you can make sense of it, your wardrobe will thank you come the warmer months. 

You really have to buy into (Nepenthes/Needles head-honcho) Keizo Shimizu’s vision, to begin the process of assimilation into your own wardrobe. There’s some parity with Comme des Garçons I think, in that most (myself included) tend to reach for the simpler pieces, thus exhibiting brand affinity but without going full psychiatric patient.

needles-ss17-6-1 needles-ss17-3-1 needles-ss17-4-1 needles-ss17-5-1 needles-ss17-2-1 needles-ss17-1-1

That said, I do tend to think that the more bonkers pieces start to look less bonkers over time. I expect to be ready for the orange Chairman Mao number around 2030.

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  1. Mr Brown

    Late 80’s jazz funk/balearic/house vibes going on. As there should.
    Anyway, black shirt, patchwork jeans gets my vote.

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