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Faux rolled out of bed chic

Sagging sweatshirts, rumpled, oversized joggers, the teats of a 1000 flaccid beanies – such is East London streetwear. But this apparent devotion to the slapdash, the sartorially insouciant, is of course highly considered. The labels are specific, the creases and the saggy shouldered posturing just right.

I think it’s possible to draw a line from this faux ‘rolled out of bed’ chic to the curious Japanese gown coat. Rarely spied in the wild (but persistent in niche menswear retailers) this light and lengthy style is idea for autumn layering and perfect for a more urbane journey from mattress to man-about-town-ism.


I grabbed such a piece by Niche from Alpha Shadows just yesterday, but this one from Maillot is an equally interesting version. Granted, its bold stripes lend it a ‘just rolled out of a bunk in Louisiana State Penitentiary’ vibe. But looking like a prisoner is probably a thing right?


The linen and wool mix would at least provide a modicum of winter warming. And as I say, it’s all about layering, so I’d pile this on top of a gilet, a stout denim shirt and a tee to ensure appropriate personal climate change. Course, whether this kind of look fits into your social circle is another story. Be prepared for amused mates to point out that you look like you’ve nicked the free robe from a borstal.

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