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Beige me up

The chicanery at the core of fashion, that it perpetuates notions of individualism and ideas, all the while producing myriad versions of the same thing, is fascinating. That the Normcore trend has been widely derided as everything from a satirical construct to non-existent, isn’t stopping… Read More

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Sulking like a brattish baby-man

Just when you think the season’s fresh offerings are extinct, some brand new bangers show up. I don’t know how practical these Maillot shirt-coats are? I mean, viewed en masse, there’s even something repulsively festive about them. But seriously, the purpley-blue one is next level.… Read More

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Faux rolled out of bed chic

Sagging sweatshirts, rumpled, oversized joggers, the teats of a 1000 flaccid beanies – such is East London streetwear. But this apparent devotion to the slapdash, the sartorially insouciant, is of course highly considered. The labels are specific, the creases and the saggy shouldered posturing just… Read More