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Sulking like a brattish baby-man

Just when you think the season’s fresh offerings are extinct, some brand new bangers show up. I don’t know how practical these Maillot shirt-coats are? I mean, viewed en masse, there’s even something repulsively festive about them. But seriously, the purpley-blue one is next level. I thought I had a lifestyle until I saw it. Now I realise I’m just a valueless drone, an inelegant poltroon who’s unconsciously been dawdling around, awaiting the arrival of this purpley-blue shirt-coat all his life.

Cotton plaid and cut generously; from a practical perspective, they’d drop comfortably over a shirt, a loose blazer and a gilet combo I’d expect. You can grab them over at Strato, via your choice of proxy service, for a reasonably practical183 quid. But being honest, practicality is not first and foremost here. These are all about drawing the gaze of the envious. And I dare say those that think you look like a peen, but, you know, they can rod off to Superdry.

The red and green colourways have a bit too much dynamism for me to seriously consider. But the purpley-blue… If that thing’s not under my Christmas tree this year I’m gonna sulk like the brattish baby-man I am.

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