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Viberg’s obscure chunkiness

We’re reasonably well serviced for Viberg shoes and boots in the UK. Retailers like Mr Porter and Kafka have offered the Canadian premium footwear for time, but the selections can feel rather limited. Service boots, the slim lace up style with an archive feel, dominate. And they’re beautiful, assuming you’re idea of modernity is a clipped and trim GQish slenderness. Personally I much prefer the brand’s chunkier workwear styles. But typically, for the best examples, you have to look east.

I’ve got the mad feels for this Old Oxford style. ‘Red dog’ leather, handmade from beginning to end and featuring a Vibram #2021 sole in black (white’s feeling far too Grenson these days) these are simple, robust and essential. Essential in the loosest, non-literal reading of the word, for their appeal is matched only by the brutality of their pricing.  Not including the proxy service and postage costs of extracting them from Japan, we’re looking at £636, a price one could be forgiven for thinking is purely theoretical.

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I won’t own these. I know that. But there is a crooked pleasure in simply knowing they exist, knowing that they’re out there, and that I want them.

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