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Wispy shorts, leggings and haunted ponchos

Slotting performance gear into your rig outs can be a treacherous business. Too overzealous and quickly you’re in a Health Goth chaos of knobbly soled sneakers, wispy shorts, leggings and haunted ponchos. Keep it simple though and I think the visual marriage of function-focused kit with simpler, smarter pieces murders right now. Let’s ignore the more well known performance-luxe brands Nemen and Acronym and look at something far less costly but (for western audiences at least) far more obscure.

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The brand is alk phenix (no caps) and if you’ve in interest in technologically enhanced clothing, you really should check out their site. Aside from the sciencey fabrics, the design details are extremely strong. They’ve created a real signature look, one that’s immediately identifiable without falling back on lazy dominant branding. There are zips and fastenings where you don’t expect and little dabs of white emphasis around seams and ventilation holes  – yes it’s all a bit Logan’s Run, and yes that’s brilliant.

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The piece in the pictures is a garment dyed pop-over anorak, and actually looking at it again, probably doesn’t best exhibit all the brand detail I’ve just been espousing. Even so, it’s a power-piece and one I can see dragged over a neat striped shirt and casual blazer combo to dangerous effect. It’s made of fast drying Taslan fiber, there’s a huge pouch up front for all your masculine accoutrements, and it’ll run you just over £300. I’ve just noticed that alk phenix also do leggings. Just to be clear, I’m not recommending them.

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