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The flexibility of a contortionist

There’s a lot of this padded, sleeveless business on the market right now. Last winter I tried on something similar from Rocky Mountain Featherbed. I felt like a half-finished Star Wars character.

109996100_o1Hailing from Japan this version by Riceman tosses some jersey into the mix, presumably making it easier to get on and off. More often than not, these pieces are entirely constructed from padded cotton, requiring a loosening of zips or snap fasteners. Even then the flexibility of a contortionist is an advantage.

109996100_o7 109996100_o6This one is polyester and (from the pictures at least) doesn’t seem to have the luxe finish of similar products by the aforementioned RMF or Eastlogue. Still, it’s sporty, (presumably) easy to wear and will provide a cool pop of modernity when worn beneath a more formal wool coat. You can grab it over at Ray Coal for a ton and a bit. I’ve never heard of this brand before so I did a little investigation. Apparently the brand name ‘Riceman’ is, “inspired by rice which can not be separated from Japanese diet“. I expect you’ll find that very useful as you go about your day.

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