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Books, are they still a thing?

The library in Peckham appears to have been built from giant green pixels. People say it’s an inverted ‘L’ shape. It looks to me like a relic of Atari era gaming, a colossal gobbling mouth, slowly sinking into the concrete. The building won the Stirling Prize back in 2000 and fans of architecture still come to check out its pre-patinated copper minty hue. I’ve never actually been in it. I mean, books, are they still a thing? I prefer to just stand around outside, in specific clothing, feeling a bit self-aware.


I’m wearing a lightweight Death to Tennis overcoat which I snagged in the sale from Gentry in Brooklyn. Its main USP is an unusual outside pocket which quite conveniently, perfectly fits an iPhone. Also in the mix: an Engineered Garments dungaree cloth blazer, an EG tee which I grabbed at Nepenthes in New York (a style I haven’t seen for sale in the UK) and a classic pair of Sanders brogues.





Trouserswise I’m keeping things cosy with a wool pair by Meanswhile. They’ve got weird double pockets that run from front to back, a slimish fit and a high crop. A brilliant climbing inspired belt by Itten finishes off a look perfect for visiting the outside of a library.


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  1. Mr Brown

    It’s winter. None of your ankle carry on.
    It’s even time for a pair of grown up trousers on the firm.

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