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It’s like when the Fantastic Four entered the Negative Zone

You’re not going to see a better dressed dude than this guy. He’s busting a Maillot suit, the trousers of which are so wide and the button detail so excessive, he’s basically a human Hadron Collider. Space and time have no relevance here. Without wanting to get too scientific, it’s like when the Fantastic Four entered the Negative Zone and the Jack Kirby backgrounds went all photographic. Know what I’m on about? No? You should read more.

I tried to buy this suit yesterday. In beige. I used the J-Goods proxy service, which is usually pretty solid, but my PayPal account kept getting knocked back – such are the trials of buying from Japanland. Then again, I might still be in luck. Alpha Shadows are expecting a Maillot drop real soon, so I’m holding out for that.

jacket.003The jacket’s called the 13 Pocket Jacket and while I haven’t counted them up, there’s certainly a shit-ton going on. Check the pocket on the back and the giant buttoned breast pocket… this is a total banger. And the trousers are pleated and wide – exactly as I like them. For now, you can grab them at Strato, with the jacket and trousers sold as separates. I don’t often wear suits, but a rig-out this casual and laid back demands some lethargic summer swagging. You know, just hanging out, sipping lager and lime, explaining to people, who couldn’t give a fuck, the inherent difficulty in transferring the values of the 1960’s Fantastic Four to the big screen. Anyway, one way or another, I will own this.


  1. Mr Brown

    His shirt collar doesn’t fit and the knot in his tie is too big.
    Nice suit.

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