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Not your average dockside equipment

It’s like a deck shoe, but off its box on rum. This multi-leather/suede offering is a frantic mixology of browns and textures – it’s not your average dockside equipment. Sure, there’s a old blokeish thing going on and for many they’ll whisper heritage a little too strongly. But with a clean navy fit, maybe with some slightly peculiar Japanese workwear jacketing, I think these will perform the, “where the fuck did you get those?” job admirably.

104416-01 104416-02

Where indeed? You’ll have to look to our Canadian friends Blue Button Shop to swag these. They’re a Russell Moccasin x Blue Button Shop colab and (unlike a bunch of other colabs you can point to) I like  how they’ve gone all out to make something genuinely unusual.

104416-03 104416-05 104416-06 104416-07

To read the official colour mix onboard these shoes, further brings to mind the accoutrements within a professional boozeman’s cabinet – “whiskey cavalier chromexcel, chocolate weather tuff, burnt orange fleshy.” It’s all very 70’s gigalo. And as a man most at home lying on leather sheets in a short silk robe, I can only approve.


  1. Mr Brown

    But at least four different leathers topped out with nylon laces?
    They’d have to go.

  2. Mr Brown

    WDD – good spot.
    What’s going on at the back of the left foot – dark leather… crinkle cut??
    Still like them though (sans nylon laces)

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