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Comfortable in my ignorance

Fed up with wearing your eco-credentials on your sleeve? Try your neck. Little says recycled porridge and a biodegradable personality more than these Kapital neckpieces. As though hewn from the very notion of giving a shit, with a handful of Al Gore’s whiskers woven in for good measure, what we’re looking at here are scarves with a moral centre, scarves with conscience, scarves that would never peek up a girl’s skirt as she rides an escalator.

This selection is over at Blue Button Shop, a retailer who have steadily expanded their Kapital buy to the point where they now offer all manner of difficult to find oddities from the brand. I wouldn’t go full-Kapital, their preference for aggressive pattern and biologically challenging shapes can come off a bit flamboyant. But adding one of these scarves to a predominantly neutral outfit would definitely add a desirable punch.

You’re looking at around £160 for one of these, which seems reasonable for a hand-tooled garment with a level of rarity. They’re made of compressed wool too. A phrase I’m comfortable bandying about, irrespective of the fact I have no knowledge of its point. I mean I get that the word ‘compressed’ and ‘wool’ suggest that the wool is squashed in some way. But does that make it better? Or worse? Or just different? At least with one of these I’d be extremely comfortable in my ignorance.

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