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Tender: A thousand yarn stare

When you look at this picture do you even notice the jacket? Christ forgive me, hide me from those eyes!

For some reason retailer I Am Shop have decided to style this unassuming Tender jacket on a dude who’s stare could curdle milk. I’m all for left-field model selection (you’ve seen my own attempts at street style) but why combine soft Welsh wool with General Zod? It’s overpowering. Once you see his eyes it’s over; nothing else exists. All you can do is brace for the searing heat of laser beams, before floating away as ash in the wind.

This dude is simply too mesmerising. I can’t imagine an outfit his intense vibes wouldn’t dominate. Which is a shame, as it’s the jacket that really deserves the attention.

This is the kind of piece we all need. No fuss, just straightforward and useable. Paradoxical it may be, but I sometimes find the wealth of pockets on brands like Engineered Garments, Eastlogue, Sassafras and Norbit a little impractical. I can never remember where I’ve put things. So I end up vigorously patting myself down like I’m on fire every time I need my keys. Sometimes less choice is actually more useful.


So just the two pockets here, but they’re big and follow the line of the hem beautifully. It’s the perfect hangover coat  — throw it on for a trip to the corner shop for two bags of Space raiders and a Twix.


Tender produce this piece (TYPE WS922) in a number of fabrics. I like the ‘Navy Miner’s Flannel’ pictured. The outers are all deadstock from British Mills, but I also love the striped lining on this  — turn those cuffs over, or wear it unbuttoned and flap it about. You’re a man of dimensions; plain on the outside, party on the inside. Savagery.

Super simple, super practical and super necessary; we all have to own something like this. For the day after the night before, or just because after a year of brain-damaging isolation, you’re just not feeling up to a coat with 17 pockets. And of course it sits on the fence of smart and casual. It’s easily dress up-able or down-able. Perhaps over a roll-neck for a winter stroll, or fancied up with layers and a neckerchief like our intimidating model here.

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