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Sacai: A heart-stopping sense of volume and quality

A thing of terrifying beauty. A diptych of delicious nightmares from the brush of Hieronymus Bosch? John Carpenter’s The Thing, startled mid-assimilation? But which is the monster, the cotton or the nylon?

Japanese brand Sacai produce these scandalous hybrids season after season. Brutal conjoinings between sweatshirts and MA-1 flight jackets. They’ve become the brand’s signature. A queasy trademark, at once bewildering and aggressively seductive.

If you’ve never been ‘hands on’ with these Sacai pieces you really should. Irrespective of questions around practicality and (God forbid) price, just to hold them is a worthwhile sensation. The heft of the things. The sheer sense of volume and quality, it’s heart-stopping.

How easy they’d actually be to wear in the real world is a question for the tiresome and the nit-picky. Obviously they represent a challenge. Outdoors, on the right day, they’d be coaty enough to keep you toasty. But head inside and things might start to get steamy. It’s an on-off, on-off job — regularly cocooning and de-cocooning like some grotesque galactic larvae.

Admittedly that doesn’t sound all that cool. But under the right circumstances, at precisely the correct atmospheric temperature, there’s little to outshine this. A dude in a beer garden wearing this becomes all powerful – a totem of carnality, a nuclear level epicurean. Basically a giant nylon reproductive organ.

Sadly, the density of this garment isn’t the only thing likely to get you hot under the collar. How do you feel about an asking price of £559? Probably not that good I’m guessing. Unfortunately that’s the damage over at End right now.

Perhaps, with global economic predictions being what they are, now is perhaps not the wisest time to drop half a ton on a sweatshirt. I fear this season (as with all that came before) I won’t be getting my hands on one of these. Such macabre collisions between sweatshirt and jacket remain alive only in my dreams.

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