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BHR: The difference is obvious

From an outsider’s perspective the line between great and shit can be impossible to navigate. For many a pair of cotton trousers is a pair of cotton trousers; whether laboured over by a small team of artisanal perfectionists, or coughed off a mechanised production line. To some ears the bleeping electronic music ringing from my neighbour’s garden is the same as my bleeping electronic music. Even though his is basically an H&M soundtrack album and mine is the product of Bandcamp’s obscure and tortured. To some the difference is obvious, to most, imperceptible.

If this sounds pretentious, snobby even, it’s because it is. It’s also simply fact. How many times has someone questioned your sanity when you’ve taken the time to explain the heritage (and awkwardly reveal the price) of an ostensibly simple garment? You paid what? But it’s just a denim shirt. You have heard of GAP?

Likewise, the outsider will never appreciate this t-shirt.

I’m a fan of Korean imprint Beheavyer. This top is from their BHR (Back Human Resistance) line and you can find both over at their brand site. Their work typically embraces a loose, oversized format, making much of it gender free and easy to throw over anything. I bought a couple of Beheavyer shirts over a year ago and they’re both going strong; worn as much by my girl as by myself. Quality isn’t an issue.

Archly technical, this piece boasts a mix of cotton, polyurethane and nylon — this is not a basic white tee. And as with much interesting menswear, it’s all about the details. That giant asymmetrical pocket, running directly into the side seam is straight out of Logan’s Run. And the drawstring at the hem? I’m sure back in 1979 the Usborne Book Of The Future predicted we’d all be wearing them by now.

The white and ecru is a great colourway. It’s also available in a grey/green and black, but I’m drawn to the sterile feel of the light colours. It’s got just enough detail to capture interest. But probably too little detail to convince the ignorant that it’s worth the hassle shopping from South Korea. In other words, perfect.

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