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The essential non-essentials

In an average life there are number of ‘big ticket’ items you simply can’t avoid. A home and a car usually top the list. But of course there are other equally wallet damaging necessities; engagement rings, holidays abroad, a big TV, a white leather body-warmer.

If there is a positive concerning a white leather body-warmer that costs £1095, it is surely that at least you won’t have to buy another one. You could certainly expect a lifetime of service from this. It’s from The Real McCoy’s, the none-more-authentic purveyors of vintage pieces, remade to the exacting standards of the originals.

The style, a Type C-3, dates back to 1936 and was originally worn by the U.S Air Force as the inner part of a B-3 jacket. Onboard you’ll find a thick shearling inner, non-coated, natural white sheepskin and Talon zips. Not sure how essential it is to you to look like a 1936 U.S Air Force pilot? I’ll be honest, it’s relatively inessential in my day-to-day life. That said, sooner or later, life will insist you buy one. I suggest putting the conservatory on hold and dropping a line.

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