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Make your unconventional nature absolutely apparent

Half 50’s baseball player, half off-duty Will Riker playing space-squash: this is from lesser known Japanese imprint Digawel, clearly bonkers, but one of the most interesting pieces this season so far. Look at that tremendous ribbed neck, as though scribbled by a cartoonist using too thick a marker. It wouldn’t look out of place on a Charlie Brown character, and that’s before you even get to the removable sleeves.

The body is lightweight nylon, the sleeves are cotton and there’s thick ribbing at the hem too. But removable sleeves? Does the absence of that function on your average garment cause much exasperation? In other words, do they have a point? I guess you could argue that when the sun comes out, just whip the sleeves off and you’re in business. Having said that, the body is nylon, which is not usually the most heat friendly fabric. Perhaps in this instance the practical should take a backseat to the aethetic. Because it’s a looker alright.

I’d leave the sleeves on; looks more fascinating that way. Or maybe, taking wankery to its logical apex, you could unfasten a couple of the poppers, but leave the sleeve still in place. Indicating that yeah, your sleeves are removable, but you kind of like them on, but also hanging slightly off, so as to make the unconventional nature of your already obscure Japanese top absolutely fucking apparent. Top wankery.  Sounds about right.

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