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Otherwise mundane items

Feeling moved?  A medley of Cordura fabric, velcro and leather cinching will do that to a man. This is Hender Scheme. And I think they’ve just trumped Japan’s Master-Piece in the fancy-nylon-with-bits-of-leather-trim-rucksack-game. Course, Hender Scheme’s relative rarity has some baring on this, but even so, I have to assume this is a bag most menswearmen would eagerly use to carry their laptop, snout and Graze Barbecue Crunch.

I’m not going to mess you about, this is a 400 quid rucksack. So if that’s a terrifying proposition, well, sorry, maybe come back another day. This is big boy shit. Mad-prestige luggage for beardies to lug about their creative suite. How your average freelance beardy earns enough from making gifs and micro-videos to toss 400 sheets on such a piece is up there with the Riddle of the Sphinx. But the unwritten rule is, you can’t be a proper creative beardy without a casually opulent backpack. And no, Fjallraven and Hershel Supply don’t count.

If you want the technical breakdown, head over to retailer Haven, frankly I can’t be bothered to cut-and-paste and subtlety re-word. Suffice to say: laptop pocket, handles on the top and a nice white clip. If spend your days dreaming up ‘engaging digital content’ to provoke consumer interest in otherwise mundane items, you owe this bag to yourself.

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