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Let the mandatory gaiety begin

Looking for a Christmas top? I’m not talking about a shimmery party shirt or some mortifying ‘comedy’ reindeer sweater. I mean a proper Christmas top. Something to lounge in, in different lounges. A sofa-hopping festive warmer; offering comfort from the mandatory gaiety, drooling infants and secret cigs in the garden. A top to curl up and die inside when you’re forced to watch the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special.

Well, this is it. It’s a Snow Peak Fleece. And while it was almost certainly intended for more strenuous activities, I think it’s ideal for providing a cozy barrier between you and a diabolical curriculum of paper headwear and ceaseless rounds of Qwirkle.

It’s basically a bushel of Polartec fleece, with sleeves, a couple of ripstop cotton pockets and a heaving neckline that can be throttled in with a drawstring to keep your swallow-pipe toasty. There’s a further drawstring at the hem and snap button closure up top.

Details, details… it’s what menswear is frequently concerned with. But really it’s the cosiness, the insulation from festive aggravation, I’m bigging up here. And with that in mind, you might want to consider sizing up. The last thing you want, as your pretend grin begins unravel, is a pinching sensation around the waist. That awkward, bloatery that comes after too many fists of Roses. So buy big, mark out your territory on the sofa and keep telling yourself it’s only 168 hours of Call The Midwife till it’s over.

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