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VISAs remain trousered

Our yearly menswear soundtrack is reaching its middle eight. A period of respite, an interruption in the repeated pressing of the ‘add to bag’ button. Sale time is imminent. Frankly, Christmas can do one; no serious menswearman wants to pay last season’s prices for last season’s merch. So we wait. VISAs remain trousered. Now is the time for research. And the experienced sale hunter knows to look for the volume of available sizes. A piece still showing all the sizes will be easier to nab come reduction time and quite probably benefit from a larger hack in price.

Personally I have my eye on one such piece, but I’d be deranged to tell you lot about it. Instead I’ll draw your attention to this Riceman coat. Currently full price. Soon not to be. And at time of writing, all three size options are present and correct.

This is over at Sunny Siders and due to a paucity of product images and information on their site, it’s difficult to make out exactly what’s going on here. It’s definitely got a cotton and wool outer, so one can assume from the picture that the main body is a reasonably heavy cotton, while the sleeves look to be fleecey. I can’t make up my mind whether the whole different-fabric-sleeves-thing gives it a bit too much of the Showaddywaddys? I’m inclined to think (hope) not. But I’m certainly drawn to the subtle pinstriping and the small asymmetrical pocket detail.

Either way, I’d fully expect its current £310 swing ticket to take a thorough snipping over the next few weeks. By then of course it might be quite the thing to look like a 1970s pop band from Leicester.

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