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Sometimes it’s just the right thing to do

In the pre-Christmas scramble to cobble together gifts for family and friends, it’s easy to overlook the most important person in your life, you. While giving at Christmas gets a great deal of press, it’s the receiving component of the festivities I far prefer. And if the giving and receiving are both executed by yourself? Well, I just consider that an efficient use of resource.

Those of similar mind might wish to point their browser at Present. The store has just gone on sale and the price of this interesting Haversack knit has taken a chop.

It’s in alpaca. It’s a v-neck. And the pattern looks like the result of an inmate scratching out their sentence on a Turkish prison wall. I dare say it’d be well soft and cosy, and fluffy and all that jazz… I’d say more about this, but sadly Present’s lazy website rarely offers any product details save for an image, a title and price.

So, to the price. I fear I might have got you this far on false pretences, because while this is reduced, it’s still a big cop. It was £475, now it’s £310. Furthermore it’s only available in small and extra large. Thing is, I thought I’d leave this crucial info till the end, so as to be able to use my Turkish prison wall analogy which I was mildly pleased with. See, selfishness. Thinking about me rather than others. Sometimes it’s just the right thing to do. If you’re either a tiny man, or a very large one, you might want to follow my lead.

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