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A pretend metaphysical moment

I could fashion a pretence that I was listening to Paranoid London’s killer track Light Tunnel, while simultaneously clocking this Arpenteur X Heather Grey Wall jacket.  The track with its monotone references to, “light tunnels” and this piece, with its impractical, but glaring bands of light – it’s a cultural symbiosis right? It’s a moment in life when you just nod your head and think , “yeah man. Like, spiritual.” I could fashion this pretence. And in the absence of having anything sensible to say, I will.


As much as I dig the bold contrast detail, as I referenced earlier, they are downright impractical. Every time you dig into those pockets, you’re going to grub them up a little bit. The one bit of the jacket that’s going to have the most abrasion, is the one bit rendered in white. Fishing for those keys = a bit of burger grease. Scouting for your travelcard = a spot of coffee. Rooting for a quid to give a beggarman = you’ve just got poo on your coat. This of course suggests I’m the kind of dude who walks around covered in burger grease, coffee and poo. I’ll leave this point here.

17-03-2015_arpenteur_xheathergreywallmayennejacket_navy_3_nm 17-03-2015_arpenteur_xheathergreywallmayennejacket_navy_4_nm

If you’re the kind of bro who considers 215 quid to be a mere frivolity, point your digital self here and get dropping. Save a medium for me. I’m currently still lost in my pretend metaphysical moment.


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