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Why Elaine Benes is a steezlord


So a couple of days ago, the brilliant Die, Workwear posted this piece about an old issue of Free and Easy. The issue was devoted to Ralph Lauren and featured a bunch of superb vintage wear. So imagine my surprise…

… when that very evening, one of the stand out pieces from the article, namely the jacket on the left below…


… was staring out of my TV on a Seinfeld re-run. On Elaine Benes.

photo 1photo 2

Amongst style boffins, Seinfeld is often shorthand for ‘what not to wear’ – you know, the pale denims and basketball boots. But you know what, with Kramer’s vintage steez and Elaine’s clear penchant for nuclear RL jacketery, perhaps it’s time to reconsider the Sein’s stylistic influence. I’m gonna work through the boxsets. I’ll get back to you on this important topic.


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