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A website full of ‘verfügbar’ and ‘beschäftigt’


Who your sneakers by bro?



Lunge, yeah, Lunge.


Yeah, Lunge, fucking Lunge.

This is not a conversation I’m looking to have. I can’t imagine many conversations when I’d enjoy responding to a question with the word ‘lunge’. If my sideline as a fencing instructor takes off maybe. Otherwise, ‘lunge’ is not a cool word. It’s a stupid word. Certainly among the last words I’d choose as a brand name. The makers of Lunge kicks clearly felt differently.

They’re German. So, you know, makes sense…


Their website is full of ‘verfügbar’ and ‘beschäftigt’, so I don’t know much about the kicks themselves. I know Jake Gallagher over at A Continuous Lean did a post a couple of days ago listing twenty different types of white sneaker, and he didn’t mention them. Obscuro-win!


I kind of think they’re worth mentioning. The Adagio model is a really neat runner, simple, clean and minimal. Outside of the dashes of colour on the lace tips, they’re basically R.J. MacReady loungewear. Of course the perforations add some interest, little lines, rather than circles. But for me it’s the lack of detail that’s the bigness. And the fact the no one in the United Kingdom of England has heard of them. Swag ’em here. They look pretty cool. They just sound like piss.


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