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Everything I own, or have ever seen, is now redundant

I’m all about suits that are useless at the stuff suits are supposed to be for. Most suitmen, when buying a suit, want it to look smart. The suitman is pleased with a suit that helps him mix with other suitmen. He doesn’t want to look different, he has no desire to illustrate individual thought. The suitman wants nothing to jeopardise his role in lower middle management and his reputation for closing paltry, media sales deals.

Fuck that. And fuck suitmen. This suit is hopeless at all of the above. That’s why it’s so aceballs.


You can’t see why this suit is so cool from this picture. So have a look at this one…


You can sort of see why this suit is so cool from this picture. But look at this one anyway…


Now you’re feeling it. This is savagement. I’m not even sure I know how to continue wearing cloth after seeing this. Everything I own, or have ever seen, is now redundant. I don’t actually mean those last two sentences. But while fictitious, they are nonetheless true.

I mean, just do a fuck all over me if this isn’t a suit. Like, I know it is a suit. It is. A suit. But just look at the trousers…


They’re all sorts of draw-cord. And that wrinkled virgin wool fabric… totally Japanesey, like Comme or Miyake, but this is by the Swedes at Our Legacy. So a bit more affordable. Kind of. You can bang on the trousers or the jacket as separates, or grab the whole shiz over at OTHER/Shop.


Having established this is get-up is not for the genero-sale-force, I guess it’ll probs find a home on TV producers, web start-up financiers and general ‘no-fixed-income’ bro-sters, who toss about London looking fire, creating things out of stuff.


If you’re thinking about this, be advised, there is a genuine official warning on the OTHER/shop site: ‘To maintain crinkled effect keep fabric away from steam and vapour.’ So, I guess, if you’re a barista, or work in a Turkish Bumhouse, best look elsewhere.

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