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Just being kind

I woke this morning with the full intention of tubing it to Shoreditch High Street, marching to Goodhood, trying these trousers on, convincing myself I could get away with a large (in the absence of an extra large) and buying them. That I didn’t is… Read More

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A slave to your glands

Our Legacy rarely pops up on these pages these days. Partly, I guess, because it’s so widely available. A big turn off for la-de-da label-geeks. But then Our Legacy rarely produce heavy-hitting stand-outs like this furry-as-fuck heater. I have no idea who this dude thinks… Read More

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Sounds about right

Nothing pretentious to see here. There’s nothing pretentious about walking around Shoreditch. Being photographed, wearing an assortment of global casual-wear. Nothing pretentious at all. Nothing pretentious about cropping your head off the shots so they look a bit more arty. Nothing the least bit pretentious… Read More