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Extremely realness

A short walk from the posh cafes, restaurants and chintz of gentrified Peckham, you’ll find the real Peckham. It’s Afro Caribbean, it’s Pakistani, it’s pound shops, it’s Sports Direct, it’s yams. This is what I’m about. You see, I’m real. I’m the realness. You’d have… Read More

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Really specific

To go to the trouble of ordering a really specific pair of jogging bottoms all the way from Japan, I expect you’ve got to be a really specific type of dick.  Hello. Welcome to my site.  I’ve spoken about these trousers before; Needles, only available… Read More

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It’s fairly unremarkable

So, there’s this purple wall. It’s in London’s Peckham. I think there’s some building work going on, I dunno, I can’t see over it. It’s fairly unremarkable, save for its vivid purple colour. I thought it might look okay to stand in front of wearing… Read More

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Nice coat fella, what colour is that?

Is Our Legacy a little oversubscribed for a forward-leaning menswearman? Bluntly, I mean, are too many other dudes wearing the brand? Is this, still comparatively small Swedish brand, now too big? No question, it’s become the edgy-but-easy-to-wear foundation of many indie retailer’s brand edit. You’ll… Read More

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575 quids worth of interesting?

Our Legacy launch into spring with a parka that looks like a thoughtful prawn cocktail. One for the Gosha Rubchinskiy/OFF-WHITE crowd perhaps. Through the lens of #menswear’s current muse, it’d probably look best on a shaven-headed, Eastern European teenager with tattooed knuckles and gappy teeth.… Read More