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575 quids worth of interesting?

Our Legacy launch into spring with a parka that looks like a thoughtful prawn cocktail. One for the Gosha Rubchinskiy/OFF-WHITE crowd perhaps. Through the lens of #menswear’s current muse, it’d probably look best on a shaven-headed, Eastern European teenager with tattooed knuckles and gappy teeth. Having just double checked the mirror, that’s not me.

29-01-2016_ourlegacy_varsityparka_poison_sp_m3 29-01-2016_ourlegacy_varsityparka_poison_sp_5 29-01-2016_ourlegacy_varsityparka_poison_sp_2  29-01-2016_ourlegacy_varsityparka_poison_sp_3

Even so, this is a powerful piece, one that’s both tonally and technically suited for warmer climes. It’s made of paper. Or paper nylon to be precise. The fabric is from the UK and the hue is the result of a hand-dying process by textile artist Akane Moriyana.

29-01-2016_ourlegacy_varsityparka_poison_sp_4 29-01-2016_ourlegacy_varsityparka_poison_sp_6

Onboard there’s an adjustable drawstring hood and hem, a giant RiRi zip and a couple of side pockets. And the price? (Cough) 575 quid. Yeah, that is a lot. I’m not saying it’s not interesting, but I’m not sure it’s 575 quids worth of interesting. That’s a fuck lot of prawn cocktails.


  1. Mr Brown

    That cloth’s triple ace.
    At 575 it’s one for the stylists.

    (And other people’s dough)

  2. Amnesiac

    That looks fucking ridiculous,like a cheap anorak that’s been left in a puddle of piss.

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